About Political Community.US

The mission of Political Community.US is to inspire and enable people to participate in politics as producers rather than consumers—so that the great American majority can take back a political system that should be theirs but which has been effectively taken over by a small political class.

Thus, Political Community.US provides a variety of tools to help “ordinary” people make, together, an extraordinary political difference through modest contributions of time and money that they can make or undertake close to home in their local communities—contributions that will add up and multiply as we share ideas, ways and means through this website and gradually come together as a national movement to revive American democracy.

About Peter Bearse

Peter BearseThough an international consulting economist by profession, Peter Bearse has been involved in grassroots politics at the state, local, community and neighborhood levels for over 35 years. He has been elected to serve as a town or city councilor at-large in two very different municipalities in two very different states, was nominated to run for Congress in New Jersey's 12 C.D. in 1984, and fought to win a seat in the House both as a Republican and an Indepdendent in New Hampshire's First Congressional District. 

He as lived to see the politics of Lincoln’s trilogy—of, by and for people—diminish, and the grassroots dry up. He aims to empower people to take “their” political system back from the pro’s so that political equality becomes real rather than a fond hope or illusion. His life’s goal has been and will continue to be, “until death do us part,” to do whatever he can in concert with others to help rebuild the American political community from the ground up.

Contact Peter Bearse via email to peter@politicalcommunity.us.