Polls & Surveys

We will be building up this area to contain many surveys and polls. The longer surveys can be downloaded and mailed to Peter Bearse when completed. Shorter surveys can be completed online.

Just for fun, come back often and take our mini-polls!

Survey of County and Local Political Party Committees

In 1999, a national survey of local political party committees (LPPCs) was taken. It provided a wealth of information on this bedrock of grassroots party politics. Before this, little or no attention had been paid to LPPCs since James Q. Wilson’s 1962 classic The Amateur Democrat.

It’s now been over 12 years since the last survey was completed. If you are a member of an LPPC, please take 15-20 minutes to download and complete this survey (20KB). We need your help – to update the survey database, to assess the health and vitality of LPPCs nationwide, and to help political parties see how to support LPPC activity and local democracy.

Send your completed questionnaire to: peter@politicalcommunity.us or to: PETER BEARSE, P.O. Box 70, Danville, NH 03819.

Survey of Members of Congress, former Members and Candidates for Congress: To be completed, Fall, 2013, as part of the start of a movement for a Peoples' or Citizens' Congress.

Watch this page for reports derived from this survey starting in January, 2014 -- just in time for the 2014 congressional elections!