What Is Conservatism?
By: Peter Bearse

Reading and Democracy
By: Peter Bearse

"THE ELECTION" Post-Mortem: Jonathan Wallace and others still don't get it
By: Peter Bearse

The Internet: No Savior of American Democracy
By: Peter Bearse, Contributing Editor of

Policy and Program Options to Push during the 2014 Congressional year -- in THE ETHICAL SPECTACLE (January, 2014)

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WE THE PEOPLE: A Conservative Populism - TIME for us to take our politics back from the political class that has taken it over (2004). 

A NEW AMERICAN REVOLUTION: How "We the People" can truly "take back" our government - (2012)

1%+99%=100%: How We the People Can Occupy Politics, Change Congress and renew the American Dream (We the People: A Conservative Populism, #3) - Peter's latest book (2013).