"We, the People" -- a series of 3 books

The 1st in the series, We, the People: A Conservative Populism is the title of a book by Peter Bearse, Ph.D., from Alpha Publishing/Vital Issues Press. It is the only comprehensive book on needs and ways of reviving grassroots political participation so as to empower the great American majority, build community and enable “ordinary” people to make a difference through politics. We saw how extraordinary so-called “ordinary” people were during and after 9/11. So, too, if they get involved in politics in ways that join with others, meet up, add up, multiply and leverage their potential into real people power.

The political “pro’s” have diminished and degraded our democracy. They serve elite groups whose self interests are not ours and not close to what we could call the “public interest.” So it’s time we took our democracy back so that it represents us and not them. The book shows not only why this is necessary -- to save our Republic and enable political equality -- but also how it is feasible to do so by people with limited time and money. It will put in perspective and show how to turn the whiff of people-driven, grassroots democracy that sweetened the political breezes during the past four presidential primary seasons, into a political hurricane by the time 2014 roles around. Then we will have a chance to make a substantial change in Congress so that it both represents and empowers US. 

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Book Endorsements & Jacket Blurbs (partial list)

Janet Bruno, former Chairman of the Board of Selectmen, Merrimac, MA, and CEO of Marlboro Cooperative Bank:

“This book shows how the renewal of grassroots political participation provides the basis for a better political future.”

Steve Jarding, Fellow, Institute of Politics, John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University:

“For readers who are both wishing to better understand the failures of our current electoral process, and who are looking for practical solutions to make our political system work, We, the People is the right book at the right time. In it, Peter Bearse exposes the many structural weaknesses in our electoral foundation. Equally important, he offers a blueprint for political reform and participation that would go a very long way to correcting the most glaring flaws in our system. We, the People is a vitally important read.”

Dan Shea, Director of the Center for Political Participation, Assoc.Professor of Political Science, Allegheny College, and author of Transforming Democracy…and many other highly regarded political science books and articles:

“The American party system has undergone significant changes in the last few decades. This book presents important material on these adjustments. It should be of interest to both scholars and party operatives, and anyone concerned about the long-term stability of our electoral process.”

Alan Everett, former Mayor of Sedona, Arizona:

“The absolute best “how to” book for grassroots political action. It demonstrates that you can make a difference.”

Bob Gannett, Executive Director, Institute for Community Empowerment, Chicago, and author of “Bowling Ninepins in Tocqueville’s Township”:

“Peter Bearse has written a sweeping account of the hazardous state of democracy in America, arguing that our democratic ship has been hijacked by a boarding party of shrewd, cynical political professionals. Bearse issues an urgent plea for the wise, principled American majority to take back its precious cargo. Best of all, based on years of immersion in American political life, he provides oceans of practical advice on how we can do so.”

David King, Assoc. Prof. of Public Policy, John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University:

“We (the academic community) have been clamoring for someone to bridge the gap between staid scholarship and stately political practice. We, the People does just that. Peter Bearse has a keen eye for political parties and a reformer’s vision for a revitalized political community.”

Carroll Miller, Member of the Wyoming House of Representatives, 1987-1992 and State Senator, 1992-2003, Wyoming Senate District 19 (Big Horn/S. Park Counties):

“This is a controversial book, a book that citizens of any democracy should read and would ignore at their peril. Its Massachusetts author is very perceptive.”

Political Committees & Clubs that have Adopted the Book for Fundraising, Political Education, Training, Useful Information or Reference


  • Middleburg Area Republican Club; Charles “Scotty” Taylor, President; 1212 N. Main St., P.O. Box 983, Gainesville, FL 32602. A former State Committeewoman, Ann Wiggins, a member of the club, can also be contacted as a reference at 904-282-4958.
  • Bonita-Estero Republican Club, Craig Benson, President.
  • Estero Republican Women’s Club
  • S.W. Florida Federated Republican Women’s Club. Contact: Lorraine Soderquist, 239-992-5235.
  • Clay County Republican Committee, Roy Lyons, Chairman, lyonsdel @ hotmail.com.
  • Cape Coral Republican Club; Spencer Roach, past President, 239-633-5088.
  • Cape Coral Republican Campaign Headquarters
  • Fort Myers Republican Campaign Headquarters; Bruce Morgan, Coordinator.
  • Bonita Springs Republican Campaign Headquarters; Joyce Conticelli, Office Manager, (239-992-4294).
  • Collier County Republican Campaign Headquarters, Naples, FL: Gina Hahn, Manager (239-732-0885) and Stuart Jones, Coordinator (904-386-2484).
  • Alachua County Republican Committee, Travis Horn, Chairman.
  • Palm Beach County Republican Committee, Mark Hoch, Executive Director, (561-686-1616).


  • Maryland State Republican Committee, Chris Cathcart, Executive Director, 410-263-2125.


  • Boston area Townhall Meetup, Lorene Leiter, host, 617-835-5255.
  • Cape Cod Republican Club, Fran Manzelli, Chairman (508-375-3352).
  • Malden Republican City Committee; David D’Arcangelo, Chairman; Barry Greenspan, Vice-Chairman (781-864-5966).
  • Mashpee Republican Town Committee
  • Winchendon Republican Town Committee, Danielle Forest, Secretary


  • Lafayette Township Democratic Committee. Contact: Marla Simons (636-394-3820).

North Carolina

  • Sunset Beach Republican Club, Karla Squire, 910-579-0463
Radio Stations or Networks that have Featured the Book
  • American Freedom Network, Dr. Anthony Cichovsky, 800-606-5462.
  • WNEB “Life Changing Radio”, Randy or Tom, 508-831-9863.
  • WINK News, Fort Myers, FL; Jim Watkins, 239-338-4353.
  • WABS (N.VA and MD), Tom Huff, 703-751-2242.

A limited supply of copies are available from the author at a discount, for $10 a copy. Order now, via e-mail by contacting peter@politicalcommunity.us. Those involved in political clubs, committees, campaigns or other groups can obtain more substantial, volume discounts that enable book sales to be used for fundraising.

The 2nd in the series is entitled: A NEW AMERICAN REVOLUTION: How "We the People" can truly "take back" our government [Amazon e-book, 2012).

This book is a tool – to enable the great American majority to effect a non-violent, new American ®evolution -- a process of radical but evolutionary, political and institutional change that is badly needed. We could thereby fulfill the American Dream and confirm the exceptionalism of the American Way in a world that threatens to submerge us in a homogenized sea of globalization and a world market biased towards inequality. There are some who see such a ferocious boil of storm clouds gathering that they advise us to be prepared to mount a real revolution (with no parentheses about the ‘r’ to qualify the word). But the 2nd American revolution must be peaceful.

The 3rd is 1% + 99% = 100%: How "We the People" can occupy politics, change Congress and renew the American Dream [Amazon e-book, 2013]. This is a truly electronic book, full of hotlinks that take readers to supplemental resources of all types: music, art, cartoons, lectures and other public speaking. 

From an online review: "Peter Bearse's book 1%+99%+100% is good medicine that we all need. We are living through some trying times where we see before our own eyes our democratic Republic fading into a dictatorship of the few. Laws have been put in place to make us a national serfdom to the large corporations. Our only defense to fight back is a mass people's movement. Peter Bearse's book offers the most complete strategy to fight back to save our democracy that I have seen. He has the economic and political background to lend credibility to what he says in his book."